Malaysian food is a delectable fusion of various diverse cultures predominantly Malay, Chinese and Indian. At LaZat, you will be introduced to some of the traditional favourites like Curry Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Char Koay Teow, Dhall  and lots of others too.

Itinerary for Regular Classes


  • 0715 – 0745            Pick Up from hotels/accommodation from KL City Centre
  • 0800 – 0900            Market Tour and Quick Local Breakfast at the Market
  • 0900 – 0915            Trip To LaZat’s House
  • 0920 – 1230            Cooking and Lunch
  • 1245                        Good Bye ;(

AFTERNOON (PM) CLASS (For Group Class, Min 5 Person)

  • 1400 – 1430            Pick Up from hotels/accommodation from KL City Centre
  • 1500 – 1700            Cooking and Early Dinner
  • 1715                        Good Bye ;(

* For Saturday and Sunday classes;  pick up time should be between 0815 – 0845; class finish by 1345
* Afternoon (PM) Class and Sunday (AM) Class only open for Group with Min 5 Person.




AM Class

TRADITIONAL VILLAGE STYLE:  Gado-Gado, Pumpkin and Spinach Curry and Pengat Pisang


AM Class

MALAY CHINESE:  Wonton, Char Koay Teow and Black Glutinous Rice Pudding
  PM Class

MALAY MIXED:  Prawn Fritters, Curry Laksa and Ice Kacang



AM Class

MALAY NYONYA:  Roti Jala, Chicken Curry and Onde-Onde


AM Class

MALAY MAMAK:  Dhall Curry, Roti Canai and Suji Halwa
  PM Class

MALAYSIAN FAVS:  Chicken Satay, Peanut Sauce and Ice Kacang



AM Class

MALAY CLASSIC:  Nasi Lemak, Prawn Sambal and Sago Pudding


AM Class

MALAY AUTHENTIC:  Beef Rendang, Acar Timun and Kueh Koci


AM Class

SIMPLY THAI:  Tom Yam, Green Curry and Red Ruby


Saturday 28th January – Chinese New Year
Monday 1st May – Labor Day
Wednesday 10th May – Wesak
Saturday 3rd June – King’s Birthday
Monday 26th June – Hari Raya Puasa
Thursday 31st August – National Day
Friday 1st September – Hari Raya Haji
Thursday 21st September – AwalMuharam
Wednesday 18th October – Deepavali
Friday 1st December – Prophet’s Birthday
Monday 25th December - Christmas